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Defenders for Human Rights

Human Rights Over Time – an ongoing dialogue

These moments provide entry points for the study of human rights in the classroom. Every lesson plan has a Moments in Time activity built in. However, to extend your students’ learning, ask them to think about what they would add to or take away from this list if they were creating their own list of 100 Moments in Time from a national perspective.

Suggested discussion questions following the activity:

  1. What was familiar to you? What surprised you? What did you learn?
  2. Did you notice any patterns or trends in this timeline? Name some.
  3. Find an example of a right that has been gained in Canada.
  4. Find an example of a right that has been denied in Canada.
  5. Name one of the many events that have shaped human rights history in Canada.
  6. Find an example of an action by the Canadian government for which there has been a formal apology.
  7. Find an example of an individual or a group overcoming discrimination by taking action. How and when did they overcome the discrimination and which actions did they take?
  8. Find an entry that occurred in your lifetime. What does this entry mean to you?  (personal reflection)
  9. Find the example that stands out most for you?  Explain why it does. (personal reflection)