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Karihwakè:ron Tim Thompson

Karihwakè:ron Tim Thompson Equitable Education for All

GRADE LEVELS = 5 to 12  /  SUGGESTED TIME = Four 60 minute class periods

Karihwakè:ron Tim Thompson, of the Mohawk Nation’s bear clan at Wahta Mohawk Territory, fosters a deep passion for Indigenous and education issues. He was a major voice in the implementation of the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education and Training Strategy, the Manifesto on First Nations Education, and governmental discussions of First Nations education funding and jurisdiction. He was also central to the development of secondary Native studies courses in Ontario. Karihwakè:ron served as Director of Education at the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) for a number of years. Karihwakè:ron has played senior, political roles in such groups as the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, the Aboriginal Institutes Consortium, the First Nations Technical Institute, and the Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre. Karihwakè:ron is a proud Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa Mohawk language immersion program graduate and an advocate of Indigenous language revitalization. Today, Karihwakè:ron is President of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge and serves on the Wahta Community Trust. He continues to share policy advice and guidance to First Nations and provides Indigenous awareness training.