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Defenders for Human Rights

Other Human Rights Defenders

The purpose of Speak Truth to Power Canada is to share the personal journeys of some of the many Canadian human rights defenders working today. As lesson plans are thematic and many Canadians assume the responsibility to advance human rights, every lesson plan also includes community-based defenders. It is hoped that your students may be inspired to identify themselves as human rights defenders and take positive action to support human rights in their own life and community. Perhaps your students will become community defenders themselves.

Chelsea Noel

Chelsea Noel is working through their student community at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus to promote acceptance of the LGBTTQ community. Involuntarily raised female, Noel identifies as genderqueer – not exclusively male or female – and with “they” pronouns. Having faced severe discrimination because of their identity, Noel struggled with substance abuse until they were sexually assaulted while intoxicated, and art drew them to sobriety and activism. A strong believer in solidarity, Noel works with Grenfell’s student community to raise awareness and hope, and expresses much of their activism through art. In 2014, the Egale Human Rights Trust recognized Noel’s story and work as part of their national Hear My Story campaign.

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity