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Defenders for Human Rights

Other Human Rights Defenders

The purpose of Speak Truth to Power Canada is to share the personal journeys of some of the many Canadian human rights defenders working today. As lesson plans are thematic and many Canadians assume the responsibility to advance human rights, every lesson plan also includes community-based defenders. It is hoped that your students may be inspired to identify themselves as human rights defenders and take positive action to support human rights in their own life and community. Perhaps your students will become community defenders themselves.

Jean-Louis Roy

Hailing from Normandin, Quebec, Jean-Louis Roy is a celebrated diplomat, journalist, author, researcher and academic. His education background (Laval, McGill) reveals his passion for History, Philosophy and Geopolitics. Roy has taught across eastern Canada and in Paris, and he has demonstrated, through involvement with various groups, his love of “la Francophonie.” Human rights organizations and governments have often called upon his expertise, and in 2008, he founded the UPRW (Universal Periodic Review Watch), which monitors to what extent UN member states comply with human rights standards. He has received accolades for his work from across the globe, including the Ordre national du Québec.
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  • Human Dignity