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Defenders for Human Rights
Timea Nagy

Timea Nagy Human Trafficking

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GRADE LEVELS = 8 to 12  /  SUGGESTED TIME = Five 60 minute class periods

Timea Nagy is a human trafficking survivor and the founder of Walk With Me Canada Victim Services. Walk With Me Victim Services works with victims of human trafficking and provides counselling and a safe environment. Nagy also engages in educational, training, and speaking engagements with police agencies and other victim services organizations.

Nagy, born in Budapest, Hungary, came to Canada when she was 20, answering an advertisement in the newspaper for temporary domestic work. Once Nagy arrived in Canada, she found herself in the centre of an operation run by both Hungarians and Canadians, working in Toronto’s sex trade to pay off a debt to her traffickers that didn’t exist. She returned to Hungary after three months, having escaped with the help of employees of the strip club she worked in.

Faced with a disbelieving and angry family at home in Hungary, Nagy returned to Canada. There she found an ally – the police officer who believed her story, leading to the indictment of the men who had trafficked her.

Ten years later, Nagy attended a publishing symposium in New York, where she told her story publically for the first time. This presentation, heard by a former FBI agent, led to Nagy working with local and national police services in the United States and Canada. Nagy has received many awards and honours for her dedication to victim services, including the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award for Emerging Leader (2012), the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012), Frederick Douglas Award (2012), National Hero Award (2011), as well as Outstanding Victim Services Awards (2011, 2010).